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Innovation Workshop in cooperation with Climate-KIC

23. September 2022, 15:30 - 17:00

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  • Datum:
    23. September 2022
  • Zeit:
    15:30 - 17:00


  • Location:
    Würth Haus Berlin
  • Adresse:
    Inselstraße 16
    Berlin (Nikolassee), 14129

Innovation Workshop: Urban Heat Resilience

How do we prepare for extreme heat in the cities of the future?

Extreme heat is one of the deadliest impacts of the climate crisis in European cities and worldwide. Yet it is often overlooked, underestimated and too rarely linked to the climate crisis. Meanwhile, heat waves are growing longer, more frequent and more intense, and pose more pressing challenges. How do we deal with the effects of extreme heat in urban spaces of the future? In this workshop with Wenzel Mehnert (Futurologist, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)  and Juli Sikorska (Designer & Director, Urban Heat Studio) and we will explore the often overseen needs and conflicts that might arise from the climate crisis. Through creative approaches used in fiction writing and prototyping, we will exchange ideas and explore more resilient lifestyles to be prepared for the challenges ahead

Wenzel Mehnert
Futurologist, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Wenzel Mehnert is a futurologist focusing on the imaginaries of new and emerging technologies. He researches, writes and teaches experimental foresight methods on the intersection between speculative fictions and the evaluation of new and emerging sciences and technologies (e.g. A.I., SynBio, Internet of Things, etc.). He worked as a researcher at the Berlin University of the Arts, co-founded the Berlin Ethics Lab at the Technical University of Berlin and currently lives in Vienna, where he works at the Austrian Institute of Technology and develops ethical guidelines on new technologies for the European Commission.

website | @wenzelmehnert (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Juli Sikorska (Foto: Rebecca Rütten)

Juli Sikorska
Designer & Director, Urban Heat Studio

Juli Sikorska is a strategic and experience designer translating the uncertainty of the climate crisis into tangible experiences. She runs the Urban Heat Studio, a present-future studio for and from much hotter European cities. She has worked on climate, design and futures projects and has run workshops for global NGOs like Climate KIC, clean energy startups, the collective intelligence platform Climate CoLab at MIT. Juli has also taught courses in sustainability transitions at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University and runs the Cli-Fi Book Club.

website | @JuliSikorska (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)